Guided Tours in Cologne and Surroundings
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Roman tower

Special guided city tours in Cologne

The Romans in Cologne - Guided city tour on foot
The Romans in Cologne - Guided city tour on foot
We start our tour at the remains of the roman north-gate and hear about the origins of the Roman town. Walking along a part of the once four kilometre long roman fortification wall you will get an impression of the former size of the CCAA. Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium was the long name Cologne got when the place got the town privileges. In the Roman-Germanic-Museum you can get a feeling for the luxurious life of the Romans by seeing the luxury glass vessel collection with f.ex. the cage cup (Diatretglas). This famous work of the 4th century is a special method to cut glass. Also unique and world-famous are the glass shoes, bottles worked in the shape of sandals. Also unique in the world is the jewellery-collection of roman and early Germanic jewelleries.
Duration 2 h

Instead of visiting the Roman-Germanic-Museum (RGM) you also can walk through the roman sewer and see the remains of the roman governor's palace (Praetorium; see Undergroundtour II). Or you discover

The Roman-Germanic-Museum (RGM), the Roman sewer and Praetorium are possible to visit Tuesday - Sunday 10 h - 17 h (admission fee Euro 2,50 adult p.c.; children Euro 1,50 p.p.; RGM Euro 5,- / 2,60. The excavation site under Great St. Martin is open Tuesday - Friday 10 h - 12 h, 15 h - 17 h, Saturday 10 h - 12:30 h, 13:30 - 17 h. Admission fee. Euro 0,50 p.c.

Medieval tour - Guided city tour of Cologne to the Middle Ages
During this tour you will get a feeling for the everyday life in the Middle Ages, you will hear about rich merchants, their great celebrations and feasts, their self-confidence expressed f. ex. in the fact that the citizens of Cologne drove away the archbishop in the end of the13th century. Up to then the archbishop was at the same time the governor of Cologne. You hear about the amusement of the people and the temptations. Of course you also get to know a lot about poor people. Why needed the rich a least some baggers in the city? Who of the baggers was allowed to sit at a church entrance?
If possible, during this tour you will have a look into one of twelve Romanesque churches in the centre of Cologne.
Duration 2 h

You can combine this tour with a guided visit of the Cathedral.
Duration ca 2,5 h - 3 h

It is possible to do the guided tour of the Cathedral separately, not in a combination with another tour.
Duration 1 h

Guided tour of the Cathedral
Having a look into the Cathedral we can anticipate why the idea to build the biggest chuch in the wourld was kind of too difficult to realise in the Middle Ages. We hear why the construction works took so long time and why it was not finished until the 19th century. But why did they want to build the biggest church in the world?
You will see the world-famous Gero-Cross of the 10th century and medieval stained glass windows.

Guided tours in the Cathedral are limited to ten an hour between 9:45 h - 11:45 h and 12:30 h - 17:30 h (Mo - Sa; up to 16:30 h Tuesday and Thursday. On Sunday guided tours are allowed between 13:30 h and 16:30 h. On Saturdays the oldest part of the Cathedral, the choir is closed.
Admission fee for groups: Mo - Fri Euro 30,- per group, Sa, Su and on holidays Euro 40,- per group.

Cologne Legends, Anecdotes and Originals
During this guided city tour you will hear some of the most famous legends of Cologne as the one of the "Heinzelmännchen" and the curious tailor's wife. Why had lord mayor Gryn to fight with a lion and what about the moving love-story about Jan and Griet? Did "Tünnes and Schäl" ever live? Is there a reason why Cologne people call the right river bank "cross eyed side"? As all legends, Anecdotes and Originals have a special historical background you also get some interesting views into history.
Duration 2 h

You are accompanied by a guide who was trained according to the directives of the German Association of Tourist Guides (BVGD). Many of our guides meet the European training standards for guides (DIN EN 15565) and have a BVGD certificate DIN EN.

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Cage cup in RGM.  
  Curious tailor's wife.