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A Cologne "Koebes"

Guided Brewerytour

During this tour you will get a felling for the typical Cologne "lifestyle". We can even drink our dialect (as it is called "Kölsch" as well as our local beer). But not every beer brewed in Cologne is "Kölsch". There are some other beers brewed in Cologne and the surroundings - each of course tasting differently. As each Kölsch has a different taste. You are going to agree very quickly. So everybody will find the Kölsch he or she likes best.

Apart from all the stories about Kölsch we will hear why the waiter in the beer-houses is called "Köbes", what the typical specialities "Hämchen", "Kölsche Kaviar" or "Himmel un Ääd" are and afterwards nobody will be able to sell you a "Halve Hahn" as a "Halbes Hähnchen" (half a chicken).
Of course you will meet other typical Cologne characters as "Tünnes & Schäl" or the "Kallendresser".

Duration 2,5 h.

You are accompanied by a guide who was trained according to the directives of the German Association of Tourist Guides (BVGD). Many of our guides meet the European training standards for guides (DIN EN 15565) and have a BVGD certificate DIN EN.

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A Koees at work  
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