Guided Tours in Cologne and Surroundings
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Guided Citytour Cologne

Cologne Guided City-tour on foot
We start our guided city-tour at the remains of the roman north-gate and hear about the origins of the Roman town. Afterwards we proceed with the Middle Ages when the people in Cologne decided to build the biggest cathedral in the world. A view on the Roman "Dionysosmosaic" foreshadows the luxury in Roman Times. Further interesting sights are located between the Cathedral and the "Altstadt" (Old Town), for instance: Museum Ludwig, Gothic Town Hall, Mikwe (a Jewish ritual bath of the Middle Ages), Gürzenich (famous festival hall) or the Romanesque church Great St. Martin near the Rhine River. In the narrow streets of the Old Town and the busy squares like Roncalliplatz, Alter Markt and Heumarkt we get a felling for the life and mentality of Cologne as it was yesterday and as it is today. (Duration 1,5 - 2 h)

Cologne Guided Citytour by coach
During this guide citytour by coach you will see remains of the roman city-wall and the later medieval city-wall which was the longest in Germany. Some of the impressive medieval gates are left as well as twelve Romanesque churches as St. Gereons, St. Pantaleon, Great St. Martin or St. Maria im Kapitol. You see the enlargement of the City in the end of the 19th century when the "Rhingroad" and the "Newtown" were built and the first parks were laid out. On the right river bank you will get a marvellous view to the Cathedral and the rebuilt oldtown. (Duration 1,5 - 2 h)

You can combine the Cologne guided citytour by coach with the guided citytour on foot (Duration 2h).

Guided Visit of Cologne's Cathedral
Having a look into the Cathedral we can anticipate why the idea to build the biggest church in the world was kind of too difficult to realise in the Middle Ages. We hear why the construction works took so long time and why it was not finished until the 19th century. But why did they want to build the biggest church in the world?
You will see the world-famous Gero-Crucifx of the 10th century and medieval stained glass windows. Duration 1 h

You can combine the Cologne guided citytour by coach with the tour on foot and the guided visit of Cologne's Cathedral (Duration 3 h). Visits of Cologne's Cathedral are only possible with special licensed tour-guides.

You are accompanied by a guide who was trained according to the directives of the German Association of Tourist Guides (BVGD). Many of our guides meet the European training standards for guides (DIN EN 15565) and have a BVGD certificate DIN EN.

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