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Guided Rhinetour

A journey along the Rhine valley or on boot on the Rhine you will never forget. Famous are the many medieval castles along the Rhine, some are rebuild in the 19th century, some are ruines as the Drachenfel
s in the mountains "Siebengebirge". There are a lot of legends about the castles, "Father Rhine" and the wine-villages. For example is Siegfried, the hero of the old legend of the "Nibelungen", supposed to have killed the dragon in a cave of the Drachenfels (Dragon's rock). On foot of the rock there is even a wineyard where red whine is cultivated. It is called "Dragon's Blood". You can taste it in a little wine pub. Other wise white wine is the typical wine cultivated in the Rhine valley. The romans discovered already that it was better to cultivate white wine along the Rhine but red whine for example in the Ahr valley.

The Middle Rhine with a lot of medieval Castles as the Marksburg was in 2002 declared as a Cultural heritage of the World. This part is also called the romantic Rhine. When you take a boot you will pass by he famous Loreley, a high rock. Here the Rhine valley is very narrow and the river is very deep. Still nowadays it is a difficult part for the skipper. You will listen to the tragic legend of "Loreley".

This tour is very individually arranged, either you will travel partly on coach, visit one of the ruines, participate in a wine-tasting and travel a part on the Rhine on boot. You also can travel on boot and later take the train back or reverse.

Duration 5 h - 12 h.


Castle along the Rhine.